New Product Design & Development Services

Inceptive operates at the front-end of product design and development, helping our clients get from napkin sketch to prototype tooling as efficiently as possible.  We cover consumer, packaging, and medical device markets, with a specialization in high volume plastics design.  Our core capabilities include conceptualization, industrial design, engineering, rapid prototyping, functional & market prototypes, testing, DFMA, program management, pilot/production support, and design transfer.

Design Engineers & Industrial Designers

Inceptive blends talented engineers & industrial designers with diverse skillsets to cover the bulk of our client’s needs. When extended capabilities are necessary, Inceptive can tap into an external network of experts covering research, strategy, brand development, human factors, advanced prototyping, developmental & pilot tooling, and production manufacturing.

Emphasis On Industry Experience

There is no substitute for experience. Inceptive’s team is comprised of designers that have taken multiple projects from beginning to end. We are well versed in new product design and development approaches, and have learned what is truly required to turn a concept into a reality. This wholistic experience is what helps us drive programs efficiently, accelerate time to market, and ultimately deliver top value to our clients.

Who We Are

Our Team

Inceptive Design Group is a network of experienced designers and engineers, all well versed in what it takes to efficiently drive new product development from start to finish.

Our Vision

We see the power in collaboration; blending the views, talents, & expertise of our cross-functional team with the passion & experience of our clients.

Our Mission

We strive to provide world class design and development services, driven in an innovative and efficient manner; Accelerating time to market & delivering uncompromised value.

Our Values

We value front-end, out-of-the-box creativity and respect the back-end of manufacturability. We believe truly innovative design balances both ends of the product development cycle.

Our Process







No matter where you are in the process, it is critical to understand design implications. Inceptive Design Group proactively and continually connects these dots throughout the design and development process.

How will a consumer interact with your design?  Does your design fit into your brand’s values? How will a part be manufactured, and how can we optimize the design?  Will your design run efficiently through your automation?

New product design and development is iterative. Therefore the process needs to be as efficient as possible.

Inceptive Design Group is your link from discovery to delivery.

We are adept at merging knowledge and expertise from both sides of the process, finding synergies, identifying risks, and driving leading solutions.

The Result is improved time to market

Our Capabilities

Discover Opportunities

New product development at Inceptive begins with the discovery phase. Our team takes time to consider all stakeholders, understand the various interactions, and generate concepts with high value propositions. It’s not rocket-science, but the method is the foundation to our efficient product development approach.
  • Research & Strategy
  • Design Thinking
  • Brainstorming / Ideation
  • Concept Generation
  • Sketch & CAD Exploration

Our Capabilities

Develop Solutions

The majority of Inceptive’s work is encompassed in the development phase. Pulling from our learnings in the discovery phase, we design and develop leading concepts alongside our clients. Iterative industrial design and engineering sprints culminate in production of high end models and prototypes capable of demonstrating various aspects of the envisioned design. Integral to this phase of work is our ability to proactively design with production in mind, so that you don’t walk away with a beautiful design that stands little chance of being delivered to market.
  • Industrial Design
  • Design Engineering
  • 3D CAD & HD Renderings
  • Marketing & Consumer Research Samples
  • Functional, Proof-of Concept Prototypes
  • Functional, Informal Testing
  • Iterative Design Refinements

Our Capabilities

Deliver Innovation

Inceptive knows that there are plenty of design firms that have similar capabilities, especially when it comes to the discovery and development phases. What separates Inceptive is their ability to pull manufacturing considerations as far forward into the design and development process, delivering as seamless of a transition to production as possible.
  • Predictive Analysis
  • Design Refinements
  • Design For Manufacture & Assembly
  • Pilot & Production Transfer Support
  • Integration With Extended Westfall-Technik Network

Contact Us

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